• Training in artificial flower making

  • Bamboo Mat bab Making training

  • IGP Training

  • KCC-annual day celebration

  • Learning new and productive skills

  • Tailoring Training for rural poor women

Skills Trainings

Skills are central to improve employability and livelihood opportunities, reduce poverty, enhance productivity, and promote environmentally sustainable development. Trainings imparted :-

  • Sea-shell handicrafts
  • Soap, surf and cleaning powder preparation
  • Tailoring & embroidery
  • Rexine bag making
  • Preparation of edible items
  • Artificial flower making

Upcoming events

  • Jubilee Tailoring machine distribution at Thabor Retreat centre(11 AM) Kolping cluster meeting at Parvathipuaram (11A.M)

    13 October 2021

  • Virutcham loan form verificatiion of Nagercoil Region at Peruvilai(10 AM)

    20 October 2021