• Distribution of Rabbits to the Marginalized families

  • Free veterinary camp-Oorambu

  • Free veterinary camp-Mariagiri

  • Distribution of chickens to poor families

  • Goat for progress, Mrs.Latha, Attoor

Livestock Promotion

Livestock provides assets and food security to the rural families. By engaging in livestock rearing activities marginalized families can earn adequate income for their household needs. Trainings, initial capital to start the activity and other technical support is provided to the farmers engaged in the following livestock related activities.

  • Cow Rearing
  • Goat Rearing
  • Kuroiler Chicken Rearing
  • Rabbit Rearing
  • Turkey Hen Rearing

Upcoming events

  • Caritas Meeting - KROSS, Bangalore MFC Members training of Mecode cluster at Mecode Kolping Cluster Meeting at Parvathipuaram (11A.M)

    16 October 2019

  • Kolping Cluster Meeting at Marthandam (10.30 A.M), Attoor(3 P.M)

    19 October 2019

  • Virutcham loan form verification of Nagercoil region at MIDS regional office, Peruvilai (10 AM)

    23 October 2019

  • Kolping Day celebation at Thabor Retreat Centre Kuzhithurai (10 AM)

    26 October 2019

  • Office Staff Meeting (10.30 A.M)

    28 October 2019

  • All Staff meeting (3.30 PM)

    29 October 2019