• Artificial flower making-Shobana

  • Cow rearing as a family activity

  • Hardworking couples

  • Sea Shell handicrafts- Annathankam

  • Sea shell handicrafts-Vanaja

Income Generation Programme for Women

Income Generation Activities initiated by the rural poor women is found very effective for the economic self-reliance of the marginalized families. MIDS assist rural women to set up their own micro-enterprises to have a steady income for their families.

Upcoming events

  • Caritas Meeting - KROSS, Bangalore MFC Members training of Mecode cluster at Mecode Kolping Cluster Meeting at Parvathipuaram (11A.M)

    16 October 2019

  • Kolping Cluster Meeting at Marthandam (10.30 A.M), Attoor(3 P.M)

    19 October 2019

  • Virutcham loan form verification of Nagercoil region at MIDS regional office, Peruvilai (10 AM)

    23 October 2019

  • Kolping Day celebation at Thabor Retreat Centre Kuzhithurai (10 AM)

    26 October 2019

  • Office Staff Meeting (10.30 A.M)

    28 October 2019

  • All Staff meeting (3.30 PM)

    29 October 2019