• Mrs.Sindu and family before the housing programme

  • Renovated House of Mebal Rani

  • House of Anna Hepsibai before House Maintenance

  • Rennovated House of Chinnammal

  • House Maintenance

House Maintenance Programme

Inadequate housing also impacts the physical and psychological development of children and the problems can be irreversible. Price escalation of building materials and construction labour has made it impossible for the resource poor families to construct or do the maintenance of their houses. This programme is being done in collaboration with individuals and agencies. This assistance is give to the following people.

  • Economically poor families
  • Families living in unfinished houses
  • Families having no house
  • Woman Headed families
  • Physically/Mentally challenged families

Upcoming events

  • Caritas Meeting - KROSS, Bangalore MFC Members training of Mecode cluster at Mecode Kolping Cluster Meeting at Parvathipuaram (11A.M)

    16 October 2019

  • Kolping Cluster Meeting at Marthandam (10.30 A.M), Attoor(3 P.M)

    19 October 2019

  • Virutcham loan form verification of Nagercoil region at MIDS regional office, Peruvilai (10 AM)

    23 October 2019

  • Kolping Day celebation at Thabor Retreat Centre Kuzhithurai (10 AM)

    26 October 2019

  • Office Staff Meeting (10.30 A.M)

    28 October 2019

  • All Staff meeting (3.30 PM)

    29 October 2019